Benefits of rural offices in Gloucestershire & Oxfordshire

The most coveted and costly office space tends to be found in central business towns of Cheltenham, Oxford or Banbury.
However, there are benefits too to be found from using high-quality offices in more rural or at least far less hectic locations, like Upper Rissington in the heart of Cotswolds.

Here we’ll take a look at just what those advantages can be for using a managed workspace like Cotswold Business Centre.

Low costs Rural Office Space

As we’ll see, there are numerous reasons why a business who need workspaces for 2-6 people might choose to avoid city centres and head for more rural retreats, however, there is no sense denying the notion that the clearest incentive is to keep costs as low as possible. Cotswold Business Centre offers private office space at just £225 per person, this an all-inclusive price, rates, electric, heating and internet access.

The quiet commute in the Cotswolds

Many employees working in cities are stressed before they even turn up at work because their commute has been hectic. If your business is located in rural surroundings of Gloucestershire, the roads are often quieter, meaning that your employees are happier!

Logistical advantages

Often the precise nature of advantages, to be gained in operating from rural office space, will depend on the logistical challenges that a particular company tends to face. However, it can be the case that not being in a city centre makes it far more straightforward for businesses to access road networks and make lighter work of getting goods and people in and out of a specific location. Upper Rissington to Oxford 30 miles, Cheltenham 38 miles, Banbury 42 miles and Witney 25 miles. 

Purpose-built facilities

Cotswold Business Centre has been custom modified with specific purposes for the kinds of businesses in the Cotswold area. Out-of-town business. It's a small business cluster where companies can both complement and collaborate to worthwhile effect.

Less noise

The constant noise from traffic, sirens and general city life can often get a bit much. However, rural locations often don’t have the same level of noise, making a more peaceful place to work, this is ideal for professionals that need serenity.

Growth opportunities

Another advantage of rural offices like the Cotswold Business Centre is that once a company is settled then there is ready access to a variety of other office options, which won’t always be the case in a big city where demand is high and quality space can be at a real premium.

Green surroundings

Upper Rissington is surrounded by greenery and nature, meaning it is, even more, inviting to go outside for some fresh air on your lunch break. Getting outside and exercising is a great way to relieve work stress.

Red carpet treatment

Upper Rissington is perfectly served by local amenities that are keen to serve, with local shops, bars and gyms. Cotswold Business Centre tenants have the opportunity to take advantage of negotiated discounts of some local amenities.

So why not come and visit for yourself and see the benefits of working from a rural location in Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire boarders.   


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